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Meet Ruby, the amazing rebel behind The Green Rebel's new logo!

Behind the scene, we are working hard to give the Green Rebel a solid foundation. That took us to think about building a brand identity that would take into consideration who we truly are and how we would like to show up to the world. Sometimes it's crazy how life can put the right people at the right time in your life, well that's what happened with Ruby. Introduced by another amazing Rebel, Talitha, she devoted a few of her weekends to translate what we had in our heart into a powerful visual. So.. we thought it was important for you to meet her a little bit more:

Rebel Ruby, could you introduce yourself? what are your passions, not just what your profession is:)

Rebel Ruby, that sounds great, haha! My name is Ruby van den Broek and I’m a designer from Utrecht in the Netherlands. I’m 27 years old, I love snowboarding, cycling, camping, graphic design, hiking, my cat Moos and often I get overenthusiastic about food. That passion grew during my bachelor in Communication & Multimedia Design. I got interested in food waste and the part it has in our battle against climate change. I ended up doing my graduation project at a restaurant Instock, where I was part of the 'Pieper Bier project’.

I got the chance to combine design with rescuing food and so we launched a craft beer made from potatoes that otherwise had gone to waste. And even though I’ve switched my job two years ago for another job at Goldfizh Digital Marketing Agency, this project still makes me proud. For me, this beer proves that it is possible to change something negative into something absolutely delicious.

How did you learn about The Green Rebel, and what made you decide to be part of the project? During my time at Instock, I realized that something has to change in the way we produce and consume food. Practical change is necessary, but raising awareness and inspiring people is just as important. In The Green Rebel, I feel like all of this comes together. So when my friend Talitha (who was already involved in the adventure) told me Carlo and Coralie’s story and asked me if I could help with the branding - the answer was obviously YES. It just feels great to use my design skills to make a difference and I’m very curious to see how The Green Rebel will grow further.

Could you please take us through how you came up with this new logo & the storyline behind it? When I start a branding project, the first step is to really get to know the brand and the people behind it. What thrives them to build this brand? What core values are most important? What do they believe in? For whom are they doing this? Only when truly understanding these questions, I can translate that identity into something visual. We started the project with a digital kickstart session, where I had the chance to get to know Carlo and Coralie and ask them anything. Together we were able to put things into paper and ideas for the design started to pop-up in my head. After that, I was able to translate the identity in words into something visual.

What is one thing you would like people to feel & experience when they see the new branding of The Green Rebel? Can I choose three? :-) Because those three things formed the foundation for the Guiding Principles and helped me to create the full visual identity. First of all, I felt like The Green Rebel was (and is) an authentic and honest brand. That authenticity must show through in the design. Embracing the imperfect was something that kept returning. I translated that for example into rough edges you see in all types of shape, but also in one of the fonts.

Second, the identity must show the love for nature and for the world around us. That why we worked with organic shapes and use earthy tones like stone white, moss green, cloudy blue, charcoal black, and plum purple. There’s one shape that looks like a leaf and a seed at the same time. I thought that was a beautiful metaphor, because planting seeds is something they do both literally, but also in a manner of speaking referring to inspiring people. I used that in the logo, with the branches of a tree in the negative space, but for example also within patterns. Finally, I felt like I had to find a balance between soft and tough. Taking action without being preachy. Within the visual identity, I searched for contrast. Round shapes versus grainy textures, soft feminine colors, but also a tough, manly black, a classical serif font versus a modern Grotesk, etcetera. Everything together is what defines the whole look & feel of The Green Rebel, or in other words: their visual identity.

What makes you a Rebel? What do you like to Rebel for? I believe in starting by myself, by giving the right example. It doesn’t always have to be major things. I keep challenging myself to eat less meat and dairy products, saying hi to people when meeting outside, picking up litter off the streets, and buying fewer clothes. It may seem unimportant, but when millions of people make a small change, together we really make a difference.

What has been a source of inspiration for you when it comes to connecting with nature? Last year, a couple of friends and I decided to do a cycling trip throughout all counties of The Netherlands. For me, this was a first but wow - this was absolutely one of the coolest things I’ve done in a long time. The idea of just stepping on your bike with minimal luggage and just cycle away. It made me feel so connected with the world around me. Being off the grid. Time to think. For me, this has been an amazing way to get inspired.

We are looking forward to having you on the farm one day! When you think of walking around on the farm, what are you looking forward to the most? I’m so excited about this too! Just turn off your phone and be in the moment. Connecting with people and the world around me. More practical: maybe doing some yoga, helping harvesting food, looking at the sunset, have a Spanish wine, read a book and contributing to what you are building. I can’t wait!

We are so grateful for the work and love that Ruby has given to the project. This gives The Green Rebel a boost of professionalism and uniqueness that will takes a little bit further towards our mission. Collaborating & bringing our strengths together with likeminded people, has reminded us how important the community aspect is crucial for a project like this. It is not just the 2 of us, but a community of rebels that are striving towards a better world.

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