The Cypress tree is iconic for the Mediterranean region, thriving in the warm sun shooting up along big avenues. This tree will be used as a windbreaker on the farm to reduce the impact of the hard winds.


Benefits to our planet

In times where extreme weather conditions such as bushfires are becoming more and more frequent and intense, we need to find natural barriers to protect us. The Cypress Sempervivens has been found to slow down fire, and even in a fire that destroyed over 20,000 hectares, scientists found an almost untouched plot of cypresses that was surrounded by burnt trees. 'Only 1.27% of the cypresses had ignited'. These trees are perfect for our environment, so what's stopping us to protect the farm from wind and fire?!


By adopting a Cypress tree you will get:

  •  A certificate of adoption for you or the person you wish to offer it
  • The possibility to visit & get a private tour of the farm. You will be able to see the progress of your tree(s) and its impact on the ecosystem.

Adopt a Cypress tree

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