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Do you prefer hearing our personal story and the missions being interviewed in a podcast or a blog? Feel free to check out these resources, we hope  you'll love them! 

Lobke Faasen.jpg

Lobke Faassen, Dietician

Lobke is an incredible plantbased dietician, activist & rebel. Lobke interviewed Carlo about how our food systems are broken and how we need to change them.

Listen here to the full interview, in Dutch 

Natascha plantaardiger.jpg

Natascha, Plantaardiger

Natascha is not only a friend, but also an expert on growing food herself and a true & authentic rebel! Sharing recipe's, tips for activism and driven to change the world step by step. A blog on why foodforests are the future, and how you can start one in your own backyard!


Read the blog here, in Dutch


Your Souldier

“I decided to pursue a more meaningful life in a time our planet needs it most.” - an interview by Your Souldier with Carlo.

Read it here, in English


Marcel\le & Coralie

Go ... to the end of the world to heal your heart (and the planet). An interview with Coralie about how and why she has drastically changed her life from a corporate job in Dubai, to the mountains of Catalunya

Read the full article here, in French


Tess to Sustainability

A podcast where Tess is pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle covering all aspects, and sharing her personal journey with you. Tess interviewed Carlo on his personal sustainable journey.

Listen here to our conversation, in Dutch

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