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Verduras / Vegetables


For Restaurants

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Are you a chef or restaurant owner and are you interested in serving our tomatoes, lettuces or any other produce (i.e edible flowers) to your guests? Reach out to us via email ( or whatsapp (711013849) to explore possibilities or to taste our produce.

The Gre
en Rebel vegetables are grown from local & ancient seeds to have the most delicious taste, with methods that have a positive impact on biodiversity and the resilience of our ecosystem.

We go further than conventional organic, by growing a high diversity of crops of vegetables together with (fruit) trees and bushes we do not spray any product on our vegetables, for example to kill pests or any form of life. The vegetables are grown with a 'no-dig' method in a thick layer of compost, so that we do not disturb (dig) the soil life, but we are actually helping microbes such as bacteria and fungi to thrive. These tiny animals improve the soil, so that more and more nutrients are available in the vegetables, and that leads to an even better taste. 

For individuals

We deliver weekly vegetable boxes to our community around us, offered with other local artisan products such as  fruit, bread, wine & kombucha. We deliver to Mora la Nova, Hospitalet, Miami Platja, Rasquera, Gandesa, Ginestar, Miravet, Benissanet, El Pinell de Brai, Benifallet and Horta de St Joan. Join our Whatsapp group to be informed of our offering and to delivery dates & times.


Let's chat about how our vegetables can help your restaurant

Send us an email to, or fill in your details and we will contact you!

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