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"Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world"

Dear Rebel, You have made the world a little bit greener by planting trees to inspire change in our agriculture, one tree at a time. The past week we have been planting your adopted trees in the soil with a lot of love and care, to celebrate our 1-year anniversary.

This planting was not possible without your support, together we have planted over 1,000 trees & bushes, and countless beans & oats. The beauty of this event was that it united people, online and here at the farm from all over the world, all with shared goals. Whether you adopted or planted 1 tree, or 100 trees, every single tree will make a significant impact on our shared future.

The trees will be protected and accompanied by fava beans, oats, lavender, rosemary and with a thick layer of mulch. The fava beans are growing quickly, providing shade and cover from wind, while adding nitrogen to the soil. The oats also grow rapidly and will be pruned multiple times to add more organic matter to the soil that eventually feeds the trees. Together, these species act as a living macroorganism that aims to help natural succession, instead of individual parts on their own.

A special thanks to Life Terra, Jacob Evans, Oliver Goshey, Climate Farmers, Darell, Chris & Apollo , LivingChar and everyone who adopted or planted a tree, you all have been so important in making this happen!

We hope that one day you can meet your trees yourself, and that these trees will grow into an inspiration for farmers around. During Spring '22 we will have a Syntropic Agroforestry course where we can beautifully demonstrate how this system will develop in the first year and extend the planting to add more diversity.

Olive harvest is around the corner, where our family will come over to help harvesting olives (by hand) to transform into our second batch of olive oil. You can already preorder your own olive oil, with which you contribute to really starting up the 15ha regenerative farm.

Here are some pictures of the day, where 30 Rebels planted a full day long by hand. Look at those smiles;)

With love, Carlo & Coralie The Green Rebel



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