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By adopting a mini forest, you are helping us planting a variety of 30 trees!


We will not only plant, but also care deeply for your trees, to ensure they are happy and thrive well. This includes irrigation for more extreme droughts, soil amendments as fertility and to help the roots grow in the first months to get established and mulch for the initial years


You will be sequestering carbon in the soil, but also help building a network under the ground of fungi, bacteria, roots and lots of other micro life that builds a healthy and resilient soil that grows highly nutritious food!


We will be planting a high diversity of trees and are still finalizing the actual design, but some of the trees that that you could be adopting are:


Carob Tree

Almond Tree

Fig Tree

False Pepper Tree 

Acacia Tree

Citrus Tree

Hackberry Tree

Pomegranate Tree

Leucaena Tree

Pauwlonia Tree

Apricot Tree


By adopting trees you get:

- A certificate of adoption for you or the person you wish to offer it

- The possibility to visit & get a private tour of the farm. You will be able to see the progress of your trees and its impact on the ecosystem.

Adopt a small forest (30 trees)

€ 100,00Price
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