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We are happy to partner with a local small-scale & organic olive farmer to still offer you delicious and pure olive oil. As this harsh summer has not offered us any olives on the trees, we are collaborating with Joan who is a passionated farmer who has sheep from time to time on his land to help fertilize the soil. By buying the olive oil this year, you are not only supporting our project and your own health, but 2 small-scale farmers!


The olive oil bottle comes in 3 sizes; 250ml, 500ml & 750ml. As we are striving to reduce the impact of our packaging, the label is made of recycled agricultural waste from the Netherlands. The prizes of everything has gone up significantly, olives are twice as expensive (finally a fairer price for the farmers), glass bottles are also double in prize, and transport has also gone up. Still we are trying to offer the oil for the same prize without impacting your wallet. If the prizes keep going up, we will change the packaging to tins, to allow you to enjoy the same quality of oil for the same prize. 


Within NL you can choose to pick up your olive oil in Haarlem Centrum or Hoofddorp, or ship with Homerr to your nearest pick-up address. Shipping with Homerr takes 5-7 business days but reduces our carbon footprint with 79% compared to delivering next day to your door.

Within Western Europe we ship with similar methods, which you can choose upon your check-out, shipping costs are most likely to be up to €10. More globally we ship with Post NL internationally. If your country does not work in the check-out, send us an email to an