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Our regenerative olive oil, with care for all living beings to restore the ecosystem we live in.

The olives have been harvested early and are mostly green, compared to more black olives which are riper/more mature. Green olives have a higher content of antioxidants and polyphenol (boosting digestion and brain health), and provide a stronger taste in olive oil. They are harvested earlier, and this is sometimes a struggle as most olive mills only open at a certain time when most farmers harvest. This year we had to drive to a olive mill further than where we went the previous times because it wasn't open yet. Also the weather has caused the olives to be ready to harvest weeks earlier compared to previous years.


A lot of care and love has gone into taking care of the trees and the harvest. We absolutely love the taste of the oil and we hope you will enjoy the oil as much as we do. Note that we are a small farm and our production is limited, so don't wait too long. This is a perfect gift to loved ones, a green and healthy present

All profits help our project to continue and increase our positive footprint on the 15ha farm, the community we provide natural and nutritious food to and inspire te next generation of climate positive farmers. All while offering to the highest quality of olive oil.


The olive oil bottle comes in 3 sizes;

  1. 250ml,
  2. 500ml,
  3. 750ml.


As we are striving to reduce the impact of our packaging, the label is made of recycled agricultural waste from the Netherlands. The prices of everything has gone up significantly, olives are at least twice as expensive (finally a fairer price for the farmers), glass bottles are also double in prize, and transport (energy) has also gone up like crazy. We are now offering the 250 & 500 in tins, but the 750 refillable bottle will remain in glass/ceramics.



Within NL you can choose to pick up your olive oil in Hoofddorp, or ship with Homerr to your nearest pick-up address. Shipping with Homerr takes 5-7 business days but reduces our carbon footprint with 79% compared to delivering next day to your door.


Within Western Europe we ship with similar methods, which you can choose upon your check-out, shipping costs are most likely to be up to €10. More globally we ship with Post NL internationally. If your country does not work in the check-out, send us an email to and we will make it work.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

€ 11,00Price
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