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Want to give a meaningful gift that is a boost for your health and has a positive impact on our planet? This pure olive oil taste and regenerative almonds will make someone very happy!


3 Gift Package sizes:

Small 125 grams (bag) of Almonds & 500 ml Olive Oil

Medium 200 grams of Almonds (glass jar) & 500 ml Olive Oil

Large 400 grams (bag) of Almonds & 500 ml Olive Oil

These are the very first almonds from The Green Rebel farm, after a lot of hard work now available. Almonds are a superfood full of nutrients, packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, and fibers they are a superfood! Almonds are delicious as a snack, as almond butter or toasted almonds. Just a handfull a day will keep your doctor away;)

We are collaborating with with a local small-scale & organic olive farmer to still offer you delicious and pure olive oil. As this harsh summer has not offered us any olives on the trees, we are collaborating with Joan from el Pinell de Brai who is a passionated farmer who has sheep from time to time on his land to help fertilize the soil.By buying the this combination package, you are not only supporting our project, the environment and your own health, but 2 small-scale farmers!

Olive Oil & Almond Package

€ 20,50Price