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The second batch organic olive oil ever produced by The Green Rebel, hand-picked and locally produced in Terra Alta, Spain. 


All the profits of the olive oil goes to realizing our project, to start our regenerative agroforestry farm full-time for a better & greener future.



From our farm to your table

Where does our olive oil come from? 


Just 2 hours driving south of Barcelona we arrived last year at a farm in the mountains of Terra Alta region of Catalunya. A 15 hectare farm that has been used for conventional olive & almond monoculture cultivation that has degraded the soils heavily. Spain is the biggest producer of olive oil, and the olive oil that is cold pressed in this area tastes delicious and nothing like we ever tasted! The olive trees need some love & care, but have plenty of juicy olives on them! This second year we've harvested together with our entire family, just like back in the days a real harvest festival making memories while working together to produce delicious oil.



The harvest & the press: a family and local affair

Last year we started to learn everything about harvesting our olive trees; How to make our very first batch of olive oil in a respectful & sustainable way and share it with you? Now we have expanded our workforce with family members, we have more olive oil available. We are still a small scale farm with 'just' 150 olive trees, so our production will remain limited. Harvesting together with our loved ones bonds us closer together, but it also adds that extra love into the oil;)


Where 1 year ago we struggled with (broken) nets that were left behind on the farm and putting all the olives in 1 massive bag, we have now prepared ourselves more professionally with new nets, harvesting rakes and enough small crates so the olives stay fresh from the branches to the press. 


Why is it an olive oil that 'Regenerates'?


Our olive oil does not only taste like pure olives as it is meant to be, the profit will be used to kickstart the regenerative agroforestry project of the land (watch the full video of our project if you haven’t seen it yet). With ‘traditional’ techniques we want to stop the process of desertification, fight climate change, improve biodiversity, and be an example for local & international farmers to join the transformation.

Buying our olive oil will not only benefit your taste buds & your health, but will also benefit the planet with a contribution from just € 10,00!

How will your contribution be used? 


After successfully securing the land, working with experts to get to a plan of how we are going to regenerate 15 hectares of farmland, hosting our first course and planting over 1,000 trees, the coming year we want to be able to start applying all those regenerative practices full-time. We are aiming to mimic nature with a forest-like way of growing food, with lots of diversity. This will lead to a carbon-negative, planet-positive & resilient farm, securing nutritious food and a hub for learning & connecting with nature and other human beings. 

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