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The very first pure olive oil ever produced by The Green Rebel, hand-picked and locally produced in Terra Alta, Spain. 


All the profits of the olive oil has gone to realizing our project this year, to start our regenerative agroforestry farm for a better & greener future.

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From our farm to your table

Where does our olive oil come from? 


Only a few days after realizing the dream of getting 15 hectares of land to restore in the Terra Alta region of Catalunya Spain, we’ve found out that the 150 olive trees on the farm have not been harvested yet. The trees looked so healthy & the olives so juicy, that we had to do something about it!







The harvest & the press: a family and local affair

Being just in the middle of the olive season (from October to January) & seeing the farmers from the surrounding using heavy machinery to harvest thousands of trees. We took it as a sign and opportunity to learn everything about harvesting our olive trees; How to make our very first batch of olive oil in a respectful & sustainable way and share it with you? We never thought it would be possible this soon! 


But here we were! Borrowing materials from farmers, visiting local olive mills, learning that we had to harvest at least 300 KGs within 3 days, and getting scratches on our arms from harvesting the olives by hands. It was worth all the pain and efforts. We harvested with the 3 of us: me, Coralie, and my dad who was helping us to set up our new life here. Little did he know that he would be stuck and on a ladder for 3 days harvesting olives. Such a special time that time we will never forget!


The same day we finished harvesting 294 kg of olives, it was transformed into pure olive oil at the local family-owned mill. 


Why is it an olive oil 'For A Better Future'?


Our very first olive oil does not only taste like pure olives as it is meant to be, the profit will be used to kickstart the regenerative agroforestry project of the land (watch the full video of our project if you haven’t seen it yet). With ‘traditional’ techniques we want to stop the process of desertification, fight climate change, improve biodiversity, and be an example for local & international farmers to join the transformation.

Buying our olive oil will not only benefit your taste buds & your health, but will also benefit the planet with a contribution of € 10,00!

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How will your contribution be used? 


After successfully securing the land, it is now time to get a design for the farm. We are aiming to mimic nature with a forest-like way of growing food, with lots of diversity. We will work together with an expert and a team of volunteers to develop a holistic plan of what to grow, where, and how to design the farm to optimally make use of the little rainwater and most importantly to improve the soil. This will lead to a carbon-negative & resilient farm, securing good food and a central hub for learning & connecting with nature and other humans.