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Regenerative  Design Course

Where & When?

October 11th - 16th 2022 

Miravet, Spain

(2hrs from Barcelona)

What will you do?

A week full of:

  • Connecting with nature, yourself
    & likeminded people

  • Active learning through hands-on activities

  • Eating amazing & nutritious food 

What will you learn?

The principles of Regenerative Agroforestry, Ecological Restoration & Natural Building will be combined with

  • How to develop a design that meets your objectives, environment & community?

  • How to read the landscape,

  • Create overlay maps for your project,

  • Evaluate tree cropping potential,

  • Develop an implementation & financial strategy,  

  • Which practices to apply to collect & store water,

  • How to adapt a design to your unique context so you can apply your knowledge effectively anywhere in the world. 

Starting your own Regenerative Project?

We are super proud and excited to hosting this course at the farm. This is a very important part of our mission, to being a facilitator & learning-hub to provide tools & knowledge for your regenerative journey. We are also on our journey to learn everything we need to know about Regenerative Agroforestry to come up with a design for the farm, and want to share our path with you!

The Regenerative Design Course is created for the serious land restorationist. In one week of intensive on-site case study, you’ll be guided through the most essential steps in creating a perennial crop based regenerative agricultural design. With the stunning context of the northeastern Spanish Mediterranean farmland we will work as a team to gather essential site information, create overlay maps, understand the local community and economy, evaluate tree cropping potential, build an implementation strategy, and do real work on the land.

We will cover many essential skills to get you started designing and building diverse and resilient regenerative systems in any climate zone, including:

  • Defining your holistic context

  • Soil testing and plant observation as indicators of ecological health

  • Plant identification

  • Collecting seeds & plant propagation material

  • Making seed mixes and propagation boxes

  • Understanding species succession

  • Selecting plants for context, maintenance & profit

  • Tree pruning

  • Understanding compost, biofertilizers, and natural pest management


Though we’ll cover many intermediate and advanced topics you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to join the course. All of the information throughout the week is easily accessible to beginners and you’ll have close guidance along the way. 

Outdoor activities will take place, rain or shine, so come prepared for a full immersion experience.  

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Taught by Oliver Goshey


We have been inspired by Oliver Goshey since the beginning of our journey with 5 seasons of interviews with leaders and rebels to regenerate, and his driven personality to make the world a better place has really touched us. This makes it extra special for us to host this course for you! 

Oliver is a designer, educator, and consultant for regenerative social and land based projects. After studying as a marine engineer and working mostly in blue collar trades such as commercial shipping, trail building, construction, and farming, across the world, Oliver has built a unique and wide perspective implementing projects and managing complex systems as a practitioner on the ground. 

Struggling to justify his participation in destructive and extractive industries, Oliver quickly shifted his focus to land stewardship and rebuilding community connections. Since then he’s applied his unique experiences from 15 years of travel to helping clients and organizations to design and build natural healthy homes, develop businesses for social equity, and restore healthy native landscapes.   

Oliver is also host of the 'Regenerative Skills' podcast, which is Oliver’s effort to create a larger and more engaged community around regenerative living by making the most cutting edge knowledge and techniques accessible to everyone.

“Oliver is a very engaging and informative speaker. He aims to dig into his own experience and knowledge to share that with the classes, and he takes a fundamental ecological approach to the teaching of his courses. The course highlighted the importance of observation and designed the classes to ensure the participants learn and have a more profound understanding of the land and Agroforestry."

Will Ellrick, Australia


"Oliver is a very knowledgeable and organized guy. His teaching style is on eye level, carefully taking into consideration any thoughts and questions students might have on any given topic. The course was very engaging with just the right amount of theory and practice. I had a great time, learned a lot, connected to some amazing people along the way and left inspired."

Nelson Bell, Germany


The course includes the possibility to camp on-site with your own tent / campervan, and is including all meals, snacks, water, tea & coffee. All meals provided are plantbased. Camping facilities are including basic & ecological facilities; a dry-compost toilet and a shower.

If you prefer to stay in an AirBnB, please have a look here. 
El Pinell de Brai & Miravet are about 10 mins drive from the site. From Barcelona it is a bit more than 2 hours drive, or 2,5 hours by train. 

You are expected to arrive in the afternoon of the 11th of October before dinner and departure is Sunday the 16th in the afternoon. The full schedule you will receive a couple weeks before the course starts.


We are able to provide the week long course including activities, food and campsite facilities for a contribution of €600 per person, incl taxes. If you'd prefer to reduce the price by helping us with work (Planting trees, setting up the farm for the course, woodworks) before or after the course, send us an email and we are happy to give a discounted rate. 


If the course has to be cancelled you will be refunded or credited for another date, the choice is up to you. To confirm your registration, a 50% of the total amount needs to be paid. The full amount has to be paid 2 weeks before the course.

If you pay the full amount before 11th of September, the price is €575. If you need to cancel the course due to covid-19 related causes, meaning your country does not recommend traveling to Spain, you will be given a credit for another course.


measures & conditions

We are continually following government guidelines to assess how we can safely deliver our course. If the situation changes and the course has to be cancelled, we will refund or reschedule participants. If the situation changes in the final 2 weeks of the course, we will refund 90% of the fee to cover part of the costs made.

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